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Name:Presley Kent Monroe
Birthdate:Nov 2
Location:Upper East Side, New York, United States of America
Website:+ dreamlikenewyork

Presley Kent Monroe was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, a product of a quickie drunk Vegas wedding by an Elvis Impersonator between a rich London finance magazine mogul, Charles Monroe and a California-born, Vegas-raised choreographer, Violet. It was an homage to their wedding celebrant that Presley earned his first name, which was always amusingly paired with the posh middle name of his paternal grandfather who came from generations of the British aristocracy. It would be that spontaneous wedding following a passionate affair between the couple who met in a casino. It was all very cheesy and Hollywood cliché, but it would make for interesting conversation points for Presley when he grew up to be an entrepreneur in his own right.

It was that wedding night that would turn out to be the biggest clue to Presley's mother having Bipolar Affective Disorder. It was one of many things she did recklessly and without thinking during manic episodes, though it would take until Presley was in his early teens for her to be diagnosed. Presley's father was a single and very eligible bachelor on a business trip from London when he met his future wife. Despite the quickie marriage, they did come to fall deeply in love following the marriage, and just a handful of weeks later, discovered she was pregnant because apparently birth control wasn't much of a consideration when you were drunk and being wined and dined by a British millionaire. Presley was born, though his name was met with much reluctance from Charles. He loved his wife immensely and let her give their son a playful name because she loved Elvis and Vegas.

Presley never wanted for anything. He was raised in London until he was 10 years old, when his father was transferred to his magazine's headquarters in Los Angeles. He wasn't a typical trust fund kid. He got a lot of value out of "paying it forward", helping those in need, doing kind deeds, with the cash he had at his disposal. But he never really got to the point of recognising his own ambitions before his mother had her first serious manic-depressive episode and was hospitalised in a mental health facility when she decided to dance naked on the stage of an act she had been choreographing. She had been on a week-long spending binge, racking up thousands and thousands of dollars and it came on the back of a week in bed, barely able to function.

It rocked Presley's world. He had always been close to both parents, and his father had taught him about business and how he could give plenty without needing anything in return if that was where his heart was. He also would spend a lot of time backstage at concerts for shows his mom choreographed, but he was just more awed with how happy the crowds were than having any interest in performing arts. Once his mom became seriously ill, however, he could never have known he would only have a few years left with her.

Presley did really well in school in California, and went on to study a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Sociology at Yale. Following that, he went on to achieve his Masters of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at Carlton University in Canada. Money was no object and his dad was proud to pay for whatever avenue of education he wanted to pursue. Despite his mom being sick on and off throughout his college life, he focused on his studies by aiming to take part in some sort of ground-level work to aid research in mental health. When his father was promoted to CEO of the magazine he had been working many years for, he moved to the international head office in New York and that was what proved to be his wife's downfall.

With his dad's financial backing, Presley started a charity for young people with mental illnesses to raise money for research into the illnesses and also offer scholarships to mentally ill youth to pursue their education with whatever therapeutic and counselling assistance they needed to cope with their studies and graduate. Though, it was only when the charity was in it's early stages just after his Masters graduation that Presley's world was flipped upside down. One night, when she seemed to be relatively well, Presley's mom jumped out of a 25th story window to her death. She left no note, and it seemed to be as a result of a psychotic break.

With Presley now back in New York, he struggled to cope being in the place his mother took her own life. He could never understand why she did it, why she didn't have enough help to stop it. His work felt like a farce, and he ended up turning to drugs. He hit them hard, because he had whatever he wanted at his disposal. It was about 10-12 months that he was in as deep as he could be without completely destroying himself, and then his father intervened. Presley was shipped off to rehab, which is where he met Destina Alvarez, who was trying to fight her own battle with drug abuse.

They connected in group therapy, and then spent a lot of time talking about their lives. At least, once the withdrawals were passed and they stopped wishing their own lives would end. Following that came a whole enlightenment. Des encouraged Presley to go back to his life, and help people like his mom who needed the help. He could help stop people doing what she had done. In turn, Presley encouraged Des to do something with her life... anything. Anything she wanted, she could do it. It took some time to kick their addictions, and Presley did recover quicker than Des ultimately, due to her past and upbringing. Sociology was his bread and butter, he understood how things like upbringing could impact, but it didn't have to be what dictated your whole life.

Presley ultimately became Des' sponsor with NA. When she returned to New York, they never missed a meeting together and she was able to be there to witness Presley build his charity - the Shades of Violet Society - up to an internationally-renowned success that had helped many mentally ill young people around the world, with branches across the USA, in England, Paris, Australia and Canada. Still young and in his prime, he is the CEO of his own charitable company, and proud of what he is achieving. He has been single for years, though he is a bit of a player. He likes to have fun, but completely sober so sex was an outlet he needed without drugs in his life. So, Des, being the devious bitch she could be, has recently tried to play matchmaker, and introduced Presley to her long-lost brother, Emilo, who she felt needed something happy and fun in his life...

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